This small town Nebraska native became obsessed with Star Wars, Wild Kingdom and Battlestar Galactica as a child, and turned her passion into writing one act plays that later became short films and local t.v. shows at the age of 14. Having studied art, dance and music since childhood, film became a ripe transition in which to combine the myriad of skills. In her formative years, she worked in all aspects of production from the costume, art and camera departments assisting the local theater and the film and television office with as many productions as she could get her hands on. Her firm belief that “cameras should be telling stories” lead her to New York University where she received her B.F.A. from Tisch School of the Arts in Film and Television Production and pursued an M.A. in Cinematography also at NYU.

Post graduation she continued her pursuit of excellence with coveted positions at a number of the top studios and entertainment companies in New York City, working on both the business and production side of film and television. She later founded her own film production company with the purpose of creating “Films That You Can Feel”. In 2003 she was honored with an award by the Small Business Administration and SCORE at the United Nations for Entrepreneur of the Year. As a director, she has been influenced by Spielberg, Fellini, Euzhan Palcy, Spike Lee and Zhang Yimou to name a few. She has workshopped with famed actors and directors ranging from Al Pacino, to Spike Lee and Oliver Stone. Her style is often comical, energetic, emotional and insightful, and her photography is as passionate and as colorful as her personality. April’s greatest strength is in finding new ways to tell a common story.